Innovative Switch Monitor Arms: The Monitor Mount That Evolves With You

Innovative Switch Monitor Arms: The Monitor Mount That Evolves With You

Posted by Will M on Nov 2nd 2012

Modern workplaces are evolving at an exponential rate, and one area in which this is plainly evident is the workstation monitor setup. Just in the last decade or so I’ve been in the work force, they’ve gone from bulky, boxy tube monitors to lightweight widescreen LCD and LED screens. Having more than one monitor has also become more and more common; I know how much easier it is to multitask with my two-monitor setup.

Some of you may be sitting at your one monitor reading this and saying, “Whoa, there, fancypants! Who needs two monitors?” Well, readers, there are pants much fancier than mine out there. Some workplaces like call centers or control stations need three, four or more monitors to do their job properly and efficiently. And with the rapid pace at which workforce and needs can change, you may need a two-monitor setup now, but also the capacity to add more monitors in the future.

Innovative, one of our favorite monitor arm makers here at Human Solution, has a solution for the changing nature of many user’s workplace needs -- the new Innovative Switch Monitor Arm. Available in several dual, triple and quad mount configurations, the Innovative Switch Mount gives you the same ease of adjustability that can be found in their single monitor solutions, with the capability of configuring more or less monitors as your needs change. There’s even a six-monitor solution, all mounted on one pole to free up valuable desk space.

Innovative’s Dual Switch mounts are available in a low-reach 9136 model for fitting into tight spaces, or upgrade to the 9112 model with a greater reach and three joints of arm articulation for more adjustment and flexibility. The quad mount is also available in both a 9136 and 9112 model depending on your workspace needs.

The 9136 model is available for a triple monitor mount or six monitor solution. And any one of these configurations can easily be adapted into another, sometimes without even purchasing extra components. You can also put two Dual Switch Mounts side by side for a four-monitor mount, or combine quad mounts for an eight-monitor solution. With the Innovative Switch Mount, you are only limited by your desk space.

Adding a desk monitor arm can both clean up your work space, and reduce eye and neck strain which can lead to health problems down the line. For those who need adjustability for now and adaptability for later, the Switch may be what you’re looking for. Need to know what monitor setup will work best for you? Call us at 800-531-3746, chat with us or email us at and one of our experts will get you set up.

Check out all of the Innovative Switch Monitor Arm solutions below:

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