Introducing Focal Upright Furniture, 'The Martin Keen Desk'

Introducing Focal Upright Furniture, 'The Martin Keen Desk'

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 14th 2013

One of the dominant themes when talking about ergonomics and ergonomic products is adjustability. People come in all shapes and sizes, so nothing can accurately claim to be “one size fits all.” The best ergonomic office items must offer extensive ranges of adjustment so they can be tailored for individual use.

The Focal Locus Desk and the Focal Locus Seat are designed to fit a wide range of users: These items have been rated for use by people between 4' 11'' and 6' 8'', an incredible range. Focal Locus ergonomic products can be used individually; the Focal Locus desk will give you the benefits of a height adjustable standing desk and drafting table; the Focal Locus seat can act as a leaning or perching stool for your existing workstation. But these items really shine when they're used together. The full Focal Locus Workstation is a truly original innovation.

Unlike many adjustable height desks and leaning stools that offer height adjustment only, the Locus line has an added dimension of angle adjustment. The possibility of changing angle multiplies the number of comfortable and efficient working positions you can occupy. For example, you can begin your day with the seat angled toward the desk and the desktop in a conventional flat position. In the afternoon, you can adjust your seat to an upright position and angle the desktop toward you. You've varied your position, and in a subtle way, you’ve also changed your perspective.

It's also worth noting that the desktop angle adjustment feature makes the Locus Desk the first height adjustable drafting table -- a must-have for artists, designers, architects, engineers, and many other people who rely on this kind of equipment.

Who invented the Locus line? The designer is named Martin Keen. Interestingly, Keen first became known for creating a line of active footwear.

When someone asks me, "What was the coolest line of products you saw at Ergo Expo 2012?", I don't have to think hard about the answer. It was the Focal Upright Furniture booth located in the center of the Expo.

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