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Introducing the Focal Pivot Seat

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

If you've been looking for a reasonably priced sit-to-stand stool to go with your height adjustable desk, look no further. Focal Upright Furniture, the designers behind the Locus, Mobis, and Mogo seats, have done it again with their new Pivot. In keeping with their emphasis on the active office, Focal's latest seating option offers a wide range of movement while keeping your body at the optimal hip-to-torso angle.

There are several design features on the Pivot that set it apart from other stools:

  • 9.5" of height adjustment allow you to go from sitting to a comfortable leaning position, for the times you need a break from standing. Leaning or perching on the seat puts the least amount of stress on your body, keeping you comfortable and focused.
  • The large, weighted base leverages your center of gravity, letting you rock, sway, swivel, and pivot while remaining stable.
  • Rubber "Octogrip Overmold" keeps the chair in place as you move.
  • Seat leg allows you to move 360 degrees.
  • Seat pan is cantilevered forward, allowing you to perch or lean at the optimal hip angle.
  • Piston-release handles on each side of the seat make height adjustments simple and fast.
  • Cushioned seat features contours for support and a waterfall edge to promote healthy circulation.

Staying active while you work, whether standing at your desk or moving in your Pivot seat, is beneficial in several ways. In addition to some extra calorie burn, you'll find that you are more focused and energized, that your muscle pain is reduced, and that you're more productive. As you have learned by now, or intuited on your own through long work days, our bodies were not meant to be sedentary all day. With a height-adjustable desk and a Focal Pivot Seat, you can incorporate posture change and movement throughout the day, harnessing all the health and productivity benefits that come with an active workstation.

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