The UPLIFT Desk Series: Which One is Right For You?

The UPLIFT Desk Series: Which One is Right For You?

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 17th 2016

We have several height adjustable desk models, and while choice is great, it can sometimes be hard for customers to know exactly which desk is the right one for them. This post will provide a rundown of our various desk options, so you can see at a glance what each one offers and which is best for your needs.

Standard Two-Leg. This is our most popular desk. It features dual motors, 26" of height adjustment, three-stage legs, and a 355-lb weight capacity, with frames available in three colors.We offer two frame styles, the C-Frame and the T-Frame. The C-Frame features curved recycled aluminum feet, with the legs offset towards the rear of the desk. The stiffness of the aluminum and the unique leg positioning provide extra stability and 3.5” of additional space under the desktop for accessory installation. The T-frame, constructed with bent steel, centers the legs over the feet in traditional height-adjustable desk design.

We offer a huge selection of desktop material options and sizes, providing thousands of configuration possibilities. Tops are available in sizes ranging from 48" - 80" wide and 24" or 30" deep, in the following materials:

Space Saver Two-Leg. This little guy has all the same lifting power and specs as the desk described above, but with a redesigned T-Frame to accommodate much smaller desktops. Top sizes range from 36" x 24" to 56" x 26", and are available in laminate, UV-cured recycled wood, and bamboo. The Space Saver is a good option for cubicles, small home offices, or studio apartments. It has a small footprint but still allows you to access all the benefits of changing positions throughout the day.

Three-Leg L-Shaped. If you need a larger worksurface, or just prefer the executive look of an L-shaped desk, one of our three-leg desks is a good choice for you. There is a motor in each leg for quick, quiet height adjustment, and the 530-lb weight capacity can easily handle your setup. We've recently redesigned the frame to allow for more leg room under the desk, changing one of the standard long feet into a peg. Frames are available in C or T styles.

You can choose from three desktop materials: GREENGUARD laminate, solid wood, or UV-cured recycled wood. Laminate and solid wood are available in a variety of sizes, and the UV-cured recycled wood comes in one standard size. For all desks, you can choose whether you want the return on the left or the right.

Four-Leg. For the ultimate in lifting power and stability, we offer a four-leg desk, available with almost all of our top options. The frame includes a motor in each leg, a crossbar-free design, and small mounting brackets. This desk works best with our thick solid wood tops.

We also offer just the frame for any of these models, so you can use your own desktop if you prefer. Or we can make a custom sized top for you in laminate, solid wood, or reclaimed wood. Just let us know your specifications, and we'll create a custom top to your exact dimensions.

There you have it! Whatever your budget or taste, we're sure to have a desk for you. Add the accessories of your choice, all discounted when purchased with a desk, and you are all set for a life-changing new way of working.

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