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Introducing the Raynor Eurotech Nuvem Chair

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

Having trouble deciding between a luxury recliner and an ergonomic office chair? Now you don't have to! The new Raynor Eurotech Nuvem chair combines the best of both worlds in one beautiful package. With a wide headrest, matching ottoman, and your choice of leather and frame finish colors, you'll be working in total comfort and style.

The Nuvem includes an extended arm designed to hold a laptop or tablet, and the chair back can be locked in recline position. Lean back, rest your feet on the ottoman, adjust the extended arm to your perfect position, and combine relaxation with productivity. The white leather version comes with a good-looking teak frame, and the black leather is paired with sleek aluminum. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, this chair makes a gorgeous addition to any office.

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