Introducing the UPLIFT Monitor Arm!

Introducing the UPLIFT Monitor Arm!

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 21st 2014

The height-adjustable nature of our UPLIFT Desks has made it both easy and affordable to switch from sitting to standing every day, letting you reap all the ergonomic benefits of mixing up your working posture at the touch of a button. Likewise, our UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray allows you to quickly adjust your keyboard's height, depth, and angle, keeping your wrists straight while typing and encouraging a more relaxed sitting posture. The newest addition to the UPLIFT accessory family, the UPLIFT Monitor Arm, further improves your workplace comfort by providing easy height, depth, and angle adjustment for your VESA-compatible LCD displays.

As someone who spends entirely too much time in front of a computer, I'm very much aware of the value of having a properly positioned display. More often than not, I'll leave the office after staring at a pair of computer screens for 8 hours, and then proceed to spend another 5-6 hours staring at my twin 24" displays at home. Without a good monitor arm placing my monitors at a comfortable viewing distance and angle, the amount of strain I'd be putting on my eyes every week would be massive. The UPLIFT Monitor Arm was designed with users like myself in mind, pairing an exceptional range of motion with easy adjustment and a reliable gas cylinder system to keep the monitor wherever I place it.

The cornerstone of any good monitor arm is flexibility - without being quickly adjustable, a monitor arm is no more than a fancier monitor stand. The gas cylinder in the UPLIFT Monitor Arm is calibrated to allow for counterbalance adjustment for displays between 4.5 and 17.5 lbs total. This fingertip-adjustable system lets you simply grab the monitor itself and push it where you need it, without the need to adjust inconvenient knobs or set screws. Once in place, the monitor will simply "float" wherever you leave it. Since the arm itself extends out to 27.5" from the mount and can be raised up to 19" above the desktop with full 360-degree rotation, the UPLIFT Monitor Arm can put your display wherever you need it, whenever you need it, with minimal effort.

For those of you like myself who prefer twin monitor setups, the UPLIFT Monitor Arm is also available in a two-arm configuration. The two monitor version of the UPLIFT Monitor Arm features all the same features as the standard one monitor model, but uses a space-saving T-bracket mount that provides for individual adjustment of each display while keeping a low profile on your desktop. Laptop users can also benefit from the UPLIFT Monitor Arm, as an optional laptop holder attachment can replace the standard VESA plate on the front end with a secure, sturdy platform for your notebook PC.

Perhaps best of all, the UPLIFT Monitor Arm follows in the footsteps of all of our other UPLIFT accessories, featuring a 5 year warranty and an incredible price, making it the best value on the monitor arm market - you can even bundle it with the purchase of a new UPLIFT desk for an even better price. Check out the UPLIFT Monitor Arm today and get ready to look at your computer from a new and more eye-friendly perspective!

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