Keep It Moving with Varier Kneeling Chairs

Keep It Moving with Varier Kneeling Chairs

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 7th 2011

One of the big stars of this year’s Ergo Expo was Varier, and everybody was talking about their line of kneeling chairs, which includes the Variable, the Multi, the Wing and the Thatsit.

To most office workers, a kneeling chair might seem a bit odd. Supporting some of your weight on your knees as you sit at your desk, holding your back erect is not a posture we associate with desk work. However the Varier chairs, with their Balans design, make this an effective way to work for periods of time.

The Balans system is predicated on allowing the chair to move. As you sit on the chair, gravity forces you to balance not only yourself, but the entire center of gravity of the chair. Thus, it is unlike other backless seating options such as exercise balls or the Via Swopper in that it forces you to be in more or less constant motion correcting the balance of the chair and yourself. This may sound like a distraction, but in fact your body does it naturally, with little or no conscious thought to it. But what benefit does a moving chair have anyway?

The human body is not meant to be completely at rest for long periods. Sitting in even a comfortable chair can cause discomfort if there is no motion. The Varier balans system counteracts this, making users move. This exercises core muscles in the body, improves blood flow, and can increase alertness and productivity. So let’s all throw away our office chairs and get Variers, right?

Not exacly. Like any other backless chair, Varier kneeling chairs are probably not great for an all-day seating option. Your body will eventually tire and your posture will suffer, causing issues of its own. So we recommend chairs like this be used for no more than a couple hours at a time. Still, with a good ergonomic office chair to compliment it, a Varier kneeling chair can help keep your workday in balance

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