Looking for a Well-Priced Mesh Chair? Just Say Yes.

Looking for a Well-Priced Mesh Chair? Just Say Yes.

Posted by Human Solution on May 5th 2014

We get a lot of customers assuming the best ergonomic office furniture has the biggest price tag. And while the saying "You pay for what you get " can be true in many cases, it is not necessarily the end-all be-all when it comes to finding a quality chair. While we do offer a variety of high end solutions, there are many ergonomic products on our website that can let you find a more reasonable middle ground. And it just so happens that I have been using one of these products myself! It's the Office Master Yes Mesh Executive YS78 Chair.

This chair is straight-up awesome. Not only does it have a really wide range of adjustments, but it is one of the most reasonably priced chairs we offer. It hits that perfect sweet spot for being versatile and comfortable while also not outrageously overpriced.

The Office Master YES Mesh Executive YS78 Chair's adjustments include the following:

  • Seat Slider: I adjust the seat slider on this chair a few times a day. When I'm sitting, I like to sit cross legged and I also will put my feet up on my Stand2Learn Standing Desk Footrest. Depending on my seated position, I prefer the seat to be further in or out to best support me. This function is also great for shared desk spaces, because it helps accommodate different users. It is also recommended for shorter people.
  • Back Angle Adjustment: While this chair does not have adjustable lumbar support, you can adjust the angle position of the back, which is a reasonable substitute. This adjustment allows you to position the chair so it comes in closer to or farther away from your body.
  • Contoured Seat and Seat Cushion Options: The seat on my chair is incredibly thick and comfortable. I highly recommend adding one of the memory foam options on the seat. The thick, slightly contoured seat is probably my favorite feature of this chair. Sometimes we hear that mesh chairs are not always comfortable for long term sitting, but with this chair, thanks to the added memory foam, that is not the case for me at all. The mesh back keeps me feeling cool (temperature-wise and also just generally hip and cool), and the seat stays soft. Perfect combo!
  • Seat Angle Adjustment: This chair allows you to control the angle of seat, independent from the back angling. Seat angle adjustment is not usually found on inexpensive chairs and really adds some versatility to it.

In an office where I can choose to sit on a wide range of chairs - including high-end, brand-name, expensive options - I choose the Office Master Yes Mesh Executive YS78 Chair because it's comfortable and I like it, dang it! I highly recommend it, and would be happy to talk more with anyone interested in this option for their office.

For more budget friendly ergonomic office furniture check us out at TheHumanSolution.com.

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