Monica Brady Shows Off Her DIY UPLIFT Desk

Monica Brady Shows Off Her DIY UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 20th 2016

Monica Brady has been blogging, offering lifestyle tips, and writing product reviews since 1999, so she knows a thing or two about what makes something useful, whether it's a good value, and how it can improve your life. We appreciate her excellent review of the UPLIFT Desk frame, which she paired with a beautiful DIY desktop made from stained pine boards.In the video above, Monica explains how she and her husband created this stunning desktop, and takes you on a tour of the completed workstation, explaining the features of the desk and showing the utility of their chosen accessories. The video concludes with a summary of how they built their top, offering some pointers to help you get creative as well. Check out our customer gallery for some additional DIY ideas, and let us know if you need help planning your custom top!

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