New Innovative iPad Arm

New Innovative iPad Arm

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 23rd 2010

It is amazing the diversity of uses that have been devised for the iPad in the short time it has been available. In addition to consumer use, retail businesses, hotels and others have found ways to integrate the iPad into their customer experience. For all these uses, Innovative has created an iPad arm.

Designed with retail in mind, the Innovative arm addresses some of the unique issues that come with using an iPad in this environment. First, it is very sturdy, designed to handle the rigors of use in such a business. Second, the arm secures they iPad, preventing theft. Finally, it is possible to block access to the home button. For businesses that want customers to be able to access only one app (a check-in app, for instance), this prevents them from returning to the home screen and using other applications.

With all these business features, however, the iPad arm is also ideal for home users who want to be able to position their iPad in their workspace, or simply want a hands-free experience that maximizes space on their desk.

iPads are changing the way we interact with customers, do our work and play. This arm from Innovative helps you use it in even more ways.

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