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Oh Baby: Office Ergonomics and Pregnancy

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

The modern office is great for all kinds of things: stapling TPS reports, creating sports betting pools and playing catch with various promotional swag toys from vendors, while continuing to conduct business.

One area in which it may be less than ideal, however, is in meeting the special ergonomic needs of pregnant women. With that in mind, I found some common problems women face while collating for two:

Sitting can be more difficult than usual, as immobility can lead to pain. This is especially a problem with the added back strain pregnancy causes. Moving around during the work day is therefore critical. Standing up for quick breaks or at least switching positions can help avoid the worst of these problems.

Connective tissue injuries are also more common in pregnancy. In particular, carpal tunnel syndrome and various ligament problems. Using a good ergonomic keyboard is helpful with this. Also, avoiding strain such as lifting and unnatural movement are important.

Finally, an expanding belly can impair mobility, dexterity, reach, etc. so move carefully as the big day approaches.

With these tips in mind, hopefully your time at work during pregnancy can be as painless as possible, TPS reports not withstanding.

Source: Safe Computing Tips