On the Road Again: The Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard

On the Road Again: The Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 8th 2011

The Goldtouch Go Travel Keyboard is a portable ergonomic keyboard that can help you prevent repetitive stress, forearm pronation, and some other problems you want no part of.

Like the full-size Goldtouch models, they Go! has a ball joint pivot that latches in place. This allows it to tent as well as splay for better positioning. The Go! is much thinner, however, with a feel like that of a laptop keyboard. This is not quite as good from a low key force standpoint, but it is the compromise that had to be made to save space. There is also a key cover that fits across each half to protect it when packed. The Go! can be used on top of your laptop keyboard, or elsewhere.

For the mobile professional, the Goldtouch Go! travel keyboard offers ergonomic comfort you can take with you.

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