Permission to Fidget: Wobble, Tilt, and Sit Comfortably on the Kids Active Stool by UPLIFT Desk

Permission to Fidget: Wobble, Tilt, and Sit Comfortably on the Kids Active Stool by UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Oct 8th 2018

Kids Active Stools by UPLIFT Desk

At Human Solution, we're advocates for more freedom. More freedom to move while you work and to sit in postures that are better for your body. It's becoming more clear that ergonomics is important not only for adults in the office, but for kids in the classroom. As the health benefits for remaining active at school continue to be discovered, more ergonomic accessories for children will be available to assist in helping them move more and sit in better postures, from standing desks to active stools. 

One of the newest additions to UPLIFT Desk's line of ergonomic seating, Kids Active Stools from UPLIFT Kids, lets little ones play and learn in more active postures than ever before, turning fidgeting into fun movement that's beneficial for their brains and bodies.

More Movement, More Circulation, More Learning

Ideal for students from pre-k to fifth grade, these movement-supporting active stools are great additions to have in spaces for learning, like art rooms, homework areas, playrooms, classrooms, and reading corners, too. Sitting for hours not only feels uncomfortable, it's not conducive to circulation. And traditional elementary school chairs are some of the worst ergonomic offenders, forcing young students into unnatural postures that cut off circulation and lead to fatigue. These stools can also be used at home, extending your child's ergonomic comfort even further.

15" and 17" Tall Models for Pre-K Thru 5th Grade

UPLIFT Desk offers two models, a 15" and a 17" tall kids active stool, which suits a majority of kids' heights. For small sitters, the 15" stool is designed for children from ranging from 40" to 49" tall, the average height range for kids roughly pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade, or from about ages 5 to 7.

Or for taller sitters, UPLIFT Desk's 17" stool would probably be more suitable, as it's made for kids between the heights of 49" to 59" and ages 7 to 10. However, it is important to keep in mind that as each child is different, their unique body's dimensions will need to be considered for the perfect fit to help you decide which stool is right for them.

Vibrant Active Seating for Any Space

Kids love colors! Choose from blue or green color options on both 15" and 17" stools. Both models come with stabilizing gray rubber seats and under-stool domed base, which was was included to help the active stool grip the floor, so kids can tilt and move without slipping. Note: We do advise that children stick with a moderate tilt angle at most, however, as its weighted base can slip from certain types of flooring, such as hardwood, waxed floors, and concrete.

Still shopping for comfortable ergonomic seating? Check back on the Human Solution blog for the most up-to-date products and science for kids and adults designed to help every work in healthier postures!

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