Keep Your Feet Comfy While Standing and Working, or Filibustering!

Keep Your Feet Comfy While Standing and Working, or Filibustering!

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 29th 2013

Arguably one of the most interesting developments in politics over the last month was Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination to become Director of the CIA. Sen. Paul’s filibuster lasted nearly 13 hours -- an incredible feat of endurance that now ranks as the ninth longest filibuster in recorded history. Of course, since I work for Human Solution, I started to wonder if I could ever stand up for that long.

As it is, I stand at my desk for the majority of the day, but even then I occasionally stop to take breaks. If you're like me, and you like to stand for most of the day while working, you may want to check out a few ergonomic items that can help take the stress off your strained soles.

One of the most popular foot-saving ergo items we like to recommend is the UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat. This mat differs from our large selection of industrial mats in that it's designed to be extremely lightweight and easy to carry, while still providing plenty of cushioning for the worker who prefers to be on his or her feet. Unlike other anti-fatigue mats, the UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat’s lightweight 5/8’’ PVC Nitrile foam makes it easy to pick up the mat and move it around, whether it’s to simply make room for your office chair or to bring it from your office to the Senate floor.

Another great accessory for the standing Senator is the Stand2Learn Standing Desk Footrest. While most ergonomic footrests are designed primarily with sitting users in mind, the Stand2Learn footrest was built for use in a standing position. The Stand2Learn is built almost entirely from heavy duty metal, allowing you to “perch” with one foot on the footrest and shift your balance without fear of damaging the footrest. It may not seem like a huge change at first, but studies have shown that users tend to stand 30% longer with a footrest such as the Stand2Learn than without one. Who knows how long you could stand to stand with a footrest?

The standing revolution isn't just limited to Congress. If you’d like to stand like Rand in your workplace or home office, these standing desk accessories will definitely help you get a leg up on your quest to create a healthier working environment.

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