Pumped Up for Standing

Pumped Up for Standing

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 15th 2016

YouTuber Michael Kory has detailed his journey over the years towards total health and fitness. For the past six years, he's dedicated himself to healthy living, sharing his advice and experience with his many inspired subscribers. He points out that even with all of his physical activity, long-term sitting has negative consequences, which were starting to concern him because of the hours he puts in editing videos. UPLIFT Desk to the rescue! Check out the video above to see Michael's desk in action, and stick around for the rest if you want to see a pretty tough workout.

We love the idea of making your UPLIFT Desk part of your overall healthy lifestyle. It may seem like a small thing compared to major strength workouts, but it really adds up. When you consider the number of hours you spend daily at your desk, being able to move around means reduced muscle tightness and increased calorie burn, among several other benefits like renewed focus and lowered risk of chronic disease. Whether you're a dedicated bodybuilder, runner, or yogi, or just trying to live a more healthy lifestyle, UPLIFT can help you meet your goals.

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