"Why Sitting is Bad for You," The TED Ed Video

"Why Sitting is Bad for You," The TED Ed Video

Posted by Greg V on Apr 7th 2015

Here at Human Solution, we throw a lot of information at you regarding the health risks of sitting all day -- and we can't stress it enough! But we all know information can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s best to [stand] back, relax, and watch a nice informative video that can relay this information to you in a fun, educational way. Luckily, we came across a 5 minute video that does just that.

The ‘TED Ed’ video entitled ‘Why Sitting is Bad for You’ does a great job of illustrating the serious risks of over sitting. And by illustrating, I literally mean illustrating. It uses quirky animations to walk you through some of the more destructive side effects long term sitting has on your body that you may not be aware of.

Let’s take a second to quickly brush over some of the more important facts covered in the video.

1. The Human Body is Built to Move

That’s right! Our bodies are actually built to move! Something your every day couch potato may hate to hear, but it’s true. In fact, our blood’s circulation even depends on us moving around. Between our 360 joints, 700 skeletal muscles, and elastic skin, our body is practically begging for movement.

2. Physical Side Effects of Sitting

When we ignore this need to move and choose to sit for prolonged periods, especially in the common hunched over position, over time wear and tear on our spinal discs will take effect. In addition, certain ligaments and joints will be overworked, muscles will strain, and our chest cavities will shrink, denying our lungs the proper expansion they need to fill with oxygen.

If that wasn’t scary enough, the act of sitting also compresses our body’s soft tissue layers. When this happens, our nerves, arteries, and veins can become blocked, limiting nerve signaling. This reduces blood flow in our limbs and can also lead to a feeling of numbness!

3. Mental Side Effects of Sitting

Sitting down for long periods doesn’t only affect our bodies negatively on the physical side of things; it also can have a negative mental effect on us. Remaining stationary reduces blood flow in our bodies and limits the amount of oxygen that enters our bloodstream through our lungs. Because our brain requires these things to remain alert, our focus and comprehension tend to decrease and our brain activity slows down.

So stand up! Stretch! Take a walk around the office and annoy your coworkers (we all carry nerf guns here for such a task)! Remember to keep moving! Don’t become a statistic like those 9% of premature deaths each year are due to inactivity! And better yet, let us help you find the perfect desk for your preferences and space!

Here's the full video for your viewing pleasure:

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