Quick Guide to Delivery Options

Quick Guide to Delivery Options

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 17th 2015

So you’ve just ordered a new UPLIFT desk but, which way is the best way to insure that your spiffy new item makes it from point A to point B? Fear not, for I have written here everything you need to know to make sure that your order finds its way to the safety of your cozy abode. Or office. Cozy offices are totally a thing.

When making travel arrangements for your items, the first thing you’re probably interested in is the price. For the financially conscious, we do have our Free Shipping option. This option is basically a curbside delivery. Smaller orders will be sent via UPS but for the larger desks and desk orders, we use freight carriers. For residential deliveries (to your house or location in a residential neighborhood) the freight truck will bring the order to your house and the driver will take the order off of the truck and place it on the ground. Again this is more of a curbside delivery. Mr. Delivery Man won’t typically bring it inside with this option but desks will arrive with the components in separate boxes so it shouldn’t be difficult to manage. For deliveries to commercial areas, we will contact you regarding your delivery needs but essentially your options are for a standard commercial delivery in which the truck pulls into your loading dock and you use whatever nifty loading and unloading equipment you have to unload the order, or a commercial lift gate in which the carrier will unload the truck and leave it on your loading dock. No matter where the carrier is delivering, they will call you in advance to set up the delivery window with you. Typical transit time for this option is anywhere from 2 business days to 5 business days.

Should you require a special touch, there is the White Glove option which comes in a few fantastic flavors, however, as sweet as some of these options are, they are much more expensive and can add as much as two weeks to your total transit time. Room of Choice not only gets your merchandise into any room in your home or office. That’s right. No stairs or heavy lifting for you. The delivery guy will handle all of that. You just have to worry about assembly with this one.

If DIY isn’t really your style, and you aren’t located in California, you can get a Room of Choice Delivery with the Desk Installation included. This is just like the Room of Choice option, except that the delivery guys will assembly your desk for you and remove the packaging. This doesn’t include accessories though, just the components that make up the desk itself.

For our neighbors to the north, we also have a Canadian Shipping option. We can ship to Canada for a flat rate of $249.00. If for some odd reason your order isn’t eligible for this, we’ll let you know but generally this covers most of the orders that ship to Canada. Please be aware however that this only covers shipping. It doesn’t include taxes or duties that are assessed by the Canadian government.

After all of those options, there is one more little thing that’s worth a mention. If your delivery is shipping internationally, to Alaska, or Hawaii we will contact you with a quote to let you know just what the delivery will cost and we won’t proceed until you have given us the green light.

So if you’ve made it to this point, I congratulate you. You now know everything you need to know to choose the delivery option that’s right for you. Go forth and use it to place that order for your new favorite desk!

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