Review: The Nightingale 7000 Veronna Chair

Review: The Nightingale 7000 Veronna Chair

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 19th 2011

Nightingale Corp. is known for its series of diverse award-winning chairs – they offer everything from lounge chairs and stackable chairs to conference chairs and executive chairs. One of our favorite Nightingale executive chairs is the Nightingale CXO, a popular ergo seating solution that features energy absorbing foam, fully adjustable armrests, and many more adjustable ergonomic features. One of the newest additions to the Nightingale line – the Nightingale 7000 Veronna Chair – offers many of the same features available in the Nightingale CXO but at a lower price point.

Like the CXO, the Veronna Chair is crafted with ENERSORB foam seats, which offer instant personalized comfort and support that helps relieve pressure and even helps improve blood circulation. We find these factors are extremely important to our ergo chair shoppers, especially those who sit for more than five hours every day. (Is that you? Yeah it is! Keep reading …) Also like the CXO, the Veronna has four-way adjustable padded armrests – they’re trigger activated and adjust vertically, and they pivot in and out and forwards and backwards. You can place them right where you want them or just move ‘em out of the way!

Now, here’s something the Veronna doesn’t have in common with the CXO – an ultra slim design. Much like the Steelcase Think Chair, the Nightingale Veronna features a sharp, clean-line profile that blends contemporary style with classic elegance. It’s available in several different fabric colors and nine durable leather color options.

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for an ergonomic chair is the chair’s lumbar support. The Veronna Chair doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The lumbar support pad on the Veronna can be adjusted three inches vertically, so you can get the support right where you need it. The lumbar support sits neatly tucked behind the chair back, which is padded with high-resilient foam to offer extra comfort and durability.

Like many high-end ergonomic chairs, the Veronna is designed with a swivel-tilt mechanism, which allows you to lean back easily and to lock the chair back in place for optimum comfort. The Veronna also comes standard with a seat slider, which offers 2.5’’ of adjustable seat depth. These features ensure that the Veronna will fit a wide range of users seeking ergonomic comfort and support, and a sleek-looking chair, at a desirable price point.

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