Shape Up: Special Shape Keyboard Trays

Shape Up: Special Shape Keyboard Trays

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 10th 2010

I have nothing against rectangles. Their four 90° angles and two sets of equal-length sides are a joy to behold. They lend their shape to countless shoe boxes, cutting boards and phone books the world over. They are also the most common shape for office desks. But not all office desks are so quadrilateral. In addition to our keyboard trays made to fit along the straight edges of a rectangular desk, HS offers solutions for desks with corners of varying angles and radiused edges.

For mounting a keyboard tray in a corner, the solution often starts with a corner sleeve. This metal sleeve fits over the corner of your desk creating a diagonal surface that extends the reach of the keyboard tray. With a setup like this, the keyboard tray can often fit into corners it might not otherwise. The specific sleeve you use will depend on the thickness of your desktop and how far you need it to protrude.

From there, it just remains to choose an appropriate shape of tray. For a 90° corner, the most common type is the Humanscale 400 keyboard tray. For broader angles, the Humanscale 700 diagonal corner keyboard tray will do. Two solutions work without a corner sleeve: The first is the Humanscale 600 extender tray, which features a long, narrow extension to esentially do the job of a corner sleeve. The second is the Humanscale 800, useful for desks with rounded corners.

So whether your desk is L-shaped, Chevron or rounded, we have the keyboard tray solution for you.

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