Simple Ergonomics From a Fresh Face

Simple Ergonomics From a Fresh Face

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 3rd 2013

As a fresh face at Human Solution, I've been tasked with learning the ins and outs of ergonomic equipment. I'm told this mountain of chairs, desks, mice, trays, monitor arms, treadmills, keyboards, and LED task lights in our Austin showroom all serve to make life easy and simple. But it's overwhelming. So like any fresh face visiting the Austin showroom, I had to sit down to take it all in. Naturally, I ended up trying the chairs first.Imagine you're a person that knows nothing about office chairs, much less ergonomic office chairs. Imagine you sit in one forty hours a week or more, and it's just a wrenching experience. That's not really difficult to imagine, is it? That's because you are probably one of millions who, like me, never thought there was anything that could perfectly accommodate all your bumps and curves and bones and ailments.

Well, as someone who has been hanging around Human Solution a few days now, I can tell you that if you have a concern or ailment like carpal tunnel, back pain, joint pain, T-Pain, or pain of any kind for that matter, there are chairs at Human Solution designed to accommodate and alleviate your condition. If you talk to one of our ergonomic experts for just a few minutes, that small time investment could end up saving you years of discomfort and pain. Even better, you could end up with an office solution that helps fight pain, burn calories, and acquire more energy.

But let's start with the chairs.

When you walk into a store to purchase a chair, you sit in it first, and it never feels right the first time. But after mere moments of adjustment, even the most uncomfortable sitting experience can turn into pure bliss. That's the secret to an ergonomic chair. A few moments of adjustment will give you hours of comfort. The key is to purchase a chair that has all functions necessary to accommodate your personal needs.

My first few days here, I did a lot of testing and fiddling with the chairs. I quickly discovered my favorites:

The Steelcase Leap Chair in Leather has a dynamic reclining feature, referred to as LiveBack Technology, that me lean back without using an adjustment lever, and the adjustable tilt tension feature allowed me to increase and decrease the amount of force it took to lean back. Within moments of sitting in the Leap, I was able to find that tension sweet spot where I could tilt back using minimal pressure. and when I stopped tilting, the Leap soft-locked into position. I fully relaxed while the Leap used my own body weight to stay in place, and it was wonderful.

The Raynor Ergohuman V2 is another favorite. The lumbar support is the sticking point here. It's firm but comfortable, and accommodating without swallowing my lower back. Two small metal clips on the seat's posterior allow for easy vertical adjustment of the lumbar support, and optional mesh allows good breathing for those who are worried about temperature control.

Lastly, there is the Humanscale Freedom Chair. A lot of people care about tilt adjustment and lumbar support, but neither of those features means a thing without simple comfort in the seat. This is where the Freedom steps in. It touts contoured cushions designed to match your singular body type, and for those wanting top-scale comfort, Humanscale even offers a technogel seat upgrade. The Freedom lives up to its name. If you try to stand up and leave, it won't stop you. Some other office chairs will, and they are terrifying.

I found a few ergonomic chairs that best suited me. To find a chair that best fits you, visit us at

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