Simplicity: The Steelcase Amia Chair

Simplicity: The Steelcase Amia Chair

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 17th 2011

In the always complicated world of work, simplicity can be a good thing. Ergonomic office chairs often come with multiple adjustments and that is not a bad thing, especially for workers with specialized needs. However, a good chair that can work for a wide range of users can also be a good thing. An ideal might be a chair that is simple, but still contains some of the most important ergonomic features. Enter the Steelcase Amia chair.

The Amia was designed by the same team that put together Steelcase’s classic Leap chair. It shares many features with it, but some are simplified. The result is a chair that works well for many different people, but is not too expensive, as ergonomic office chairs go. This makes the Amia one of the best values we offer in office chairs.

Like the Leap, the Amia features Liveback technology, meaning the back flexes with you as you move. It provides excellent support for the whole spine, and supports you as you move during the day. Another great Leap-esque feature is the chair arms, which slide in and out, forward and back, and pivot. This allows a much wider range of users to fit comfortably in this chair. With a weight rating up to 300 lbs, it is capable of supporting some larger users as well.

Overall, this is one of the best chairs we sell, for the price. If your budget is a bit below the price point of our high end chairs or you simply want something…simple, the Amia is a great choice.

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