Sit and Stand to Prevent Injuries with Varier and the Uplift Desk

Sit and Stand to Prevent Injuries with Varier and the Uplift Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 15th 2011

I think about R.E.M. a lot when I’m at work. You remember that song “Stand?” The lyric, “Stand in the place where you work,” usually pops in my head whenever I decide it’s time to raise my height adjustable desk and work standing up.

That’s right, we sell ergonomic height adjustable desks here at Human Solution, and we also use them every day. Our office and showroom in Austin, TX, is packed with Uplift Height Adjustable Desks. (Do you live in or around Austin? Come and try ‘em out!)

I try to stand at my workstation for at least 15 minutes every hour (the minimum amount of time recommended by our in-house ergonomist and CEO). The benefits of standing at your desk for short amounts of time are many, and our friends at Varier, one of the top manufacturers in progressive ergonomic seating, understand that standing at your workstation, or using a desk like the UPLIFT height adjustable desk, can help increase energy levels, productivity, and long-term health.

Varier lists some of the health benefits of standing at work on their ergonomics blog. Here are some highlights:

- Standing burns more calories than sitting (always a good thing)

- Standing is easier on the back when compared to sitting. It decreases loads on the spine, which can help prevent work injuries.

We also know that standing helps increase blood flow and energy. Standing at your workstation for the recommended amount of time can also help improve focus, promote respiration and increase productivity. And, as Varier also points out, “sitting for long periods is also detrimental to health in that the reduced muscle activity uses fewer calories, there are increased loads through the spinal structures particularly in slouched postures, and sustained sitting can also lead to blood clots.”

Varier also reminds us that it’s important to vary your posture between sitting and standing throughout the day, and that you need to move while you are sitting and standing to stay alert and to keep active. So stretch and move around while you are standing at your desk, and try to stay active while you are sitting.

One of the best ways to stay active while seated, perching, or resting is with an active ergonomic chair, like the Varier Move Stool. The Move Stool features a graded curved disc base that allows you to easily angle and tilt the stool in any direction. It allows you the freedom to move around while also helping to support and strengthen your back and ab muscles. The move Stool’s unique seat is designed for comfort and to aid in relieving pressure on our neck and spine, allowing for better respiration.

View our full line of Varier active ergonomic seating solutions. All of these chairs are designed to promote movement while seated or perched and to provide long term comfort and support for your entire body.

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