Sitting Tall in the Saddle: Monterey 350 24/7 Big and Tall Task Chair

Sitting Tall in the Saddle: Monterey 350 24/7 Big and Tall Task Chair

Posted by Angela P on Aug 2nd 2013

As one of the people who answers chair selector emails from customers, I can usually come up with a chair suggestion for almost any body type in a matter of minutes. Most people fall within the 5'0" to 6'4" height range, but when fitting a chair to a person taller than that, the number of options gets smaller. One great chair for users taller than 6'4" is the Seating Inc. Monterey 350 24/7 Big and Tall Task Chair.

This chair is unique in that it's a great choice for users of all heights and weights up to 350 pounds, and its mechanism is designed to withstand 24/7 intensive use. However, its real standout feature is that this chair comes in a special tall edition, to fit very tall users.

Many of the ergonomic chairs we offer are available with taller cylinders, which raise the seat height taller, but the Monterey 350 tall edition actually has a longer seat and taller back, to fully support a taller body. The tall edition has a back that's five inches higher, a seat that's 2.5 inches deeper, and a cylinder with a height range of 19 to 23.5 inches. When you're building this chair on our website, you'll find the tall option under the "seat size" dropdown menu. Combine these features with the optional Schukra lumbar support, adjustable arms, and a seat slider, and you'll finally have a comfortable chair that actually fits your body.

Just a quick look at this chair on our website will show you how happy people are with it. Users from 6'3" to 6'7" have rated it highly, and left comments like, "For the same features in another chair I would have spent much more. I've never had a chair that actually fits me and I am glad I spent the money for this chair," and "The chair is PERFECT--fits like a glove! I could fall asleep in it." This chair is a good foundation of a comfortable, ergonomic workstation for a very tall user.

If you need a desk to create a full office, you can add locking casters to our UPLIFT 900 adjustable height desk for a top height of 52", which is suitable for users up to 6' 9". Stoop no more, tall folk!

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