So You Want a Chair With Forward Tilt?

So You Want a Chair With Forward Tilt?

Posted by Angela Arnold on Nov 26th 2013

Recently, I've had a number of people contact me because they're looking for a chair with forward-tilt capability on the seat. While it's easy to understand why you'd want to lean back in the chair, some people also find that forward tilt is helpful.

The most common reason is that people want to relieve pressure on their lower back or tailbone. We've  had this request mostly from customers who spend a great deal of time writing or drawing directly their desk surface. While forward tilt is actually not a common feature on most chairs, luckily we do have chairs across a wide price range that allow you to choose this option.

The ergoCentric line of chairs has a number of mechanisms that offer some degree of forward tilt. Choose the multi-task, dedicated task, or knee tilt mechanisms if you're building an ergoCentric chair with the ability to tilt forward. Neutral Posture chairs with a multi-tilt mechanism, or BodyBilt chairs with the J multi-tilt mechanism also offer forward-tilt lock stop.

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