Standing Desks Can Help Boost Creativity – Just Ask Hemingway!

Standing Desks Can Help Boost Creativity – Just Ask Hemingway!

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 21st 2013

Standing desks may seem like a relatively new health trend, but writers have been using them for decades. Famous authors like Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway used standing desks while writing. These creators inspired and captivated millions, and were some of the most talented, progressive and brilliant people who ever lived. So it comes as no surprise to us that they chose to take advantage of the many health benefits of a standing desk, like increased focus, productivity and energy, better blood flow, and better respiration while working.

According to this profile by The Paris Review, Hemingway started using a standing desk early in his writing career:

A working habit he has had from the beginning, Hemingway stands when he writes. He stands in a pair of his oversized loafers on the worn skin of a lesser kudu—the typewriter and the reading board chest-high opposite him.

And will you look at that; Hemingway even had the smarts to use an anti-fatigue mat with his standing desk, although his was made from antelope hide, not foam, of course!

I’ve been using an adjustable height standing desk for years, and I’ve benefited from better posture, more calories burned while working, and especially the energy boost I get from rising outta my chair and standing in the afternoon. That late afternoon standing energy boost also helps me get the creative juices flowing, and I have no doubt that Hemingway, Woolf and the others felt the same way.

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