Steelcase Chairs Offer Comfort and Support, With or Without a Headrest

Steelcase Chairs Offer Comfort and Support, With or Without a Headrest

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 27th 2013

We get a lot of questions about headrests. “Do I need a headrest?” “Should every chair have a headrest?” “What type of adjustments should a headrest offer?” Those are just some of the things we’ve heard when talking to people about ergonomic chairs.

The truth is, a headrest is a personal preference. It’s not a necessary item or ergonomic feature for most people, but the some people just can’t seem to sit without one! That’s why Steelcase, one of our favorite chair makers and one of the most trusted names in ergonomics, offers two of its most popular chairs, the Steelcase Leap Chair and the Steelcase Think Chair, with or without a headrest.

As Derek told you in his post about how to properly adjust an ergonomic chair, it’s important for a headrest to be adjustable, and the headrests on the Leap Chair and Think Chair are both height adjustable, so they’ll be able to support a wide range of users. Both of the headrests on these chairs feature contoured designs, which will help anyone using them to keep their head and neck comfortable and supported when they lean back.

So how do you know if you’re a headrest person? Should you order a chair with or without a headrest? Well, if you find yourself reclining in your chair often, and you feel you need something to rest your head and neck on when you’re constantly leaning back in your chair, then you’re probably a headrest person. I know, because I’m a headrest person. While some of my coworkers sit upright and sometimes even at the front edge of their chairs, I’m constantly reclining while working.

My favorite chair is the Steelcase Leap. It’s hard to beat the chair’s flexible, contoured adjustable back, adjustable lumbar support, lower back firmness, and comfy seat cushion. The Leap moves and flexes with me, and when I want to lean back, which is often, I love having my contoured height adjustable headrest in place to support my neck and head.

The Steelcase Think Chair is just as popular as the Leap. I recommend the Think Chair to people looking for a slimmer and somewhat more streamlined chair that offers super modern style and ergonomic comfort and support. The optional headrest on the Think Chair adjusts 4" vertically and 2.5" horizontally, so most people can really place it where support is needed. The Think’s headrest will act as more of a neck support for users taller than 6’1”, since it won’t adjust high enough to fully support a taller person’s head.

Whether you’re a headrest person or a non-headrest person, Steelcase has got you covered with two of the most popular ergonomic chairs in the world. And don’t forget about the Steelcase Amia Chair, which we like to call the Leap Chair’s identical cousin. It’s very similar to the Leap, but it offers a straighter back and more streamlined adjustment features. I recommend this chair for people who don’t need a headrest, because the Amia doesn’t come with one! Still, even a headrest person like me can appreciate the efficient design and comfort the Amia has to offer.

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