Steelcase Gesture Drafting Stool Raises the Bar!

Steelcase Gesture Drafting Stool Raises the Bar!

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 25th 2015

The Steelcase Gesture is probably the best ergonomic chair that has been released in the last 2 years. The chair features game-changing adjustments, a really comfortable and supportive back, and sleek aesthetics. And now, the Gesture is available in a drafting stool configuration, as well! Need a comfortable task chair for a bar-height workstation or a drafting desk? No problem! The Steelcase Gesture Drafting Stool will get the height you need without compromising on ergonomic comfort.

Here are some features about the Steelcase Gesture Drafting Stool to consider as you are looking for the right chair for you:1. The Steelcase Gesture offers a back design that encourages proper posture - the chair's back is at a sharp angle (close to straight), and the seat slider adjustment also allows you to bring the seat close to the back, so you can set the chair to support you sitting up straight while you work.

2. Each armrest offers a full, independent range of motion. You can adjust each, entire arm independently from the other, and they can be adjusted up/down as well as in/out towards your body. Plus, you can adjust the arm pads forward/back, so you can sit close to your desk without the arms getting in the way. These arms are, hands-down, the most adjustable on any chair you can find.

3. The chair's seat slider adjustment moves the seat forward/back in order to accommodate a variety of positions and users. The seat slider can be adjusted while you are sitting in the seat, which is also an unusual feature. Most chairs require you to stand up to adjust the seat's position, but the Gesture has integrated this adjustment to be much more user friendly.

4. The Gesture has a really nice "wrapped back" option, where you can opt for the fabric to be upholstered around the upper end of the back. This gives the chair a really high-end aesthetic, and is also a really unique feature not found on many other chairs.

5. Steelcase offers a free return policy on any of their chairs. This is a really helpful perk, as you have 30 days to decide if the chair is comfortable for you. Free returns mean you would receive a full refund, and you would not have to pay for return shipping. Save the box, and the shipping company will come pick the chair up from you. Most likely, though, a return will not even be necessary, as this chair is incredibly comfortable and adjustable, so it works for nearly everyone who buys it!

If you have any questions about this chair as it compares to similar models, don't hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to explain the adjustments and walk you through your options. It's important to find the right fit for you, and you don't have to do it alone!

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