Steelcase Leap Review

Steelcase Leap Review

Posted by Professor Ergo on Mar 25th 2009

Hi, my name is Kara Kellogg. I'm the office manager at THS and ECP, and I am going to review my Steelcase Leap Chair. The reason I am so excited to review this chair is because it combines effective ergonomic features everyone is looking for with a sleek and modern design that looks great in a variety of home and office environments. I am going break this chair down into three main parts- the back, the arms and the seat.

Leap Back Support

First, the live back technology actually changes shape to supports the movement of the spine. The chair back mimics the way you sit using two adjustable back support mechanisms. The upper back control lets you set the amount of "push back" you need to lean back easily while providing plenty of support for the spine; the lower back changes the lumbar support firmness to give constant support to the lower back while it follows the natural curve of the lumbar region. This is really a remarkable feature because the seat back accommodates so many different body types so well.

Leap Arms

Let's move on to the arms. The user-friendly armrests pivot, telescope and adjust in height and width independently. They're made of a soft, sturdy material that supports your arms throughout the day comfortably without being bulky. The Leap armrests are some of the best armrests available on the market- they really interact well with a user and their workstation. They push back when you need them out of the way, glide around very smoothly and stay in place until you need them to move again.

Leap Seat

There are several unique features that come standard on the Leap chair seat. The natural glide system lets you sit however you want- you can lean back quickly and easily without feeling awkward or uncomfortable and stay focused on the task at hand. The seat edge flexes down several inches to relieve pressure on the back of the legs; this helps prevent any lower-leg circulation issues. This is a feature you only find in Steelcase chairs. Finally, the adjustable seat depth lets the chair fit a wide variety of body types.

Leap Design Features:

  • Fabric or leather seat with a 3D knit, and a fabric or leather back with the option to mix and match
  • Black, silver or polished aluminum frame
  • Hard or soft casters
  • Headrest is now available

Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me today to discuss the Leap chair!

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