Take Your Float to the Next Level with the Humanscale Float Keyboard Tray!

Take Your Float to the Next Level with the Humanscale Float Keyboard Tray!

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 27th 2013

If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you've probably noticed we're big fans of Humanscale's keyboard tray systems. There's a number of reasons we love their trays - the phenolic construction of the trays provides a durable, low profile platform that's customizable with a wide variety of colors, palm rests, and mouse platforms. Humanscale's collection of articulating tray arms also help these keyboard trays accommodate most budgets and applications. With the introduction of the Humanscale Float Keyboard Tray, more desks than ever can utilize Humanscale's beautifully simple ergonomic keyboard platforms and still maintain a clean appearance when not in use.

Previously, the height-adjustable design of Humanscale's keyboard trays resulted in an angled arm that extended down and out from the track. With the standard 6G and 5G height-adjustable arms, a 22" track is recommended to allow the tray to be pulled out for comfortable use as well as stow away completely underneath the desk. Unfortunately, many desks with a crossbar placed flush with the desk surface will not allow for a 22" track to be mounted. While shorter tracks and mechanisms with reduced length (and thus less height adjustment) were available, on shorter desks including the Humanscale Float, the tray would often still extend from under the desk even when fully retracted.

The Humanscale Float Keyboard Tray solves this issue by introducing a new mechanism specifically designed to minimize bulk and allow it to be fully stowed away under the desk using only of 12.5" of track space. By removing the height adjustment counterbalance system, the new Humanscale 6F mechanism can provide a fixed-height solution that's perfect for any height-adjustable desk with an under-desk crossbar. A unique 25" x 9" tray also offers an all-in-one keyboard platform and mousing platform that can be paired with a full-size or slim palm rest to keep your palms supported and your wrists straight. The 6F mechanism's negative tilt adjustment system also helps to promote proper wrist angle while typing - a key element of office ergonomics that is frequently overlooked. Of course, like most Humanscale keyboard trays, the Float Keyboard Tray and 6F mechanism are available in both black and white to match most contemporary office settings.

If you've been putting off buying an ergonomic keyboard tray in hopes of finding one that can fully retract under your Humanscale Float's desktop, your search is over. Check out the Float Keyboard Tray today!

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