Taking a Look at CNET's Top 5 Ergonomic Mistakes

Taking a Look at CNET's Top 5 Ergonomic Mistakes

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 4th 2013

Many of us spend most of our time during the week at the office, so why not take a minute to think about how to be more comfortable at work? Sharon Vaknin’s recent post on CNET, “Wake-up call: Are you making these five ergonomics mistakes?” calls out the top five mistakes people make when it comes to ergonomics.

Vaknin makes some really good points, for example, number one on the list is “ignoring ergonomics.” Prevention is the key, but unfortunately, a lot of people wait until they are already in pain before making a change.

When it comes to mistake number two, “Using ‘ergonomic’ products,” I think some clarification is in order. Using a product solely because it claims to be ergonomic, or has “ergo” in the name, is not necessarily going to help you, but there are truly ergonomic products that can reduce the strain and fatigue associated with overuse -- like ergonomic chairs, mice, and keyboard trays. It's best to do a bit of research, or consult an expert for advice for your specific ergonomic needs.

Viknan goes on in her third point to caution against ignoring early warning signs, like chronic pain, and numbness, which is great advice. Again, prevention is key! I do take issue with mistake number four, “Buying into nontraditional desks.” I myself have an adjustable height desks with a treadmill, which allows me to change positions throughout the day, and clicking through this blog, and many others out there, you’ll see that “non-traditional” adjustable height and exercise desks are changing people’s lives.

Finally, Viknan warns against “relying on ergonomics.” In not so many words, this post seems to be urging us to use common sense when it comes to our workstations. Don’t wait until it’s too late, don’t force yourself to conform to a configuration that doesn’t work for your individual needs, and too much of anything is a bad thing.

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