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Task Lamps pt. 2

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

Last week, I posted about LED task lamps. My associate, Raquel, has been adding task lamps to the site like crazy lately, and she wanted me to add a few more details about task lamps she thought you might like to know. Our task lamps feature:

  • Glare free, bright illumination with a more personalized slant
  • Reduction in eye strain and fatigue, which helps increase productivity and keeps employees from “Going Postal”!
  • Easy installation and manipulation
  • Most are free standing, but the Canopyclamps to the desktop and a few more are great choices for under-cabinet (or under shelf) lighting situations and even allow for daisy chain assembly for max light coverage
  • Emphasis on light weight, clean lines and contemporary design; most are available in a nice range of neutral colors
  • Versatility to work well in a wide range of environments (home, office, hospitality, health care)
  • Eco-friendly features: LED or T5/T2 Fluorescent bulbs (only one incandescent - the Pisa), which consume very little power and have a much longer life span compared to traditional incandescent bulbs (20,000-50,000+ hours). They give off less heat than traditional bulbs and many can be easily recycled and/or are made from a certain percentage of post consumer recycled materials. Some also feature dimmer switches and occupancy sensors options to add to the energy efficiency.