The Benefits of Ergonomic LED Task Lighting

The Benefits of Ergonomic LED Task Lighting

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 28th 2011

This is the first in a series about the benefits of Ergonomic LED Task Lighting.

Lighting is an important part of workspace ergonomics. Finding the right lighting solution for your office or workstation can be just as important as finding the right chair, desk, or keyboard.

Lighting isn’t only about function; it’s also about comfort, style, longevity, and great design. That’s why we recommend LED task lamps over incandescent or fluorescent lighting. LED technology has become the standard in ergonomic task lighting: LED based task lamps are brighter, more energy efficient, and they last longer than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Designed for efficiency, intuitive movement, and exceptional focused illumination, the new line of LED task lamps from Humanscale also feature slim, sharp profiles that will give your workspace a fresh look and feel while offering clean, energy efficient ergonomic lighting.

Explore the further benefits of LEDs over more traditional technologies below:

• Long life and energy-efficient – LEDs last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and ten times as long as compact fluorescent bulbs, and they’re up to 50% more energy efficient

• Powerful—LEDs produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs

• Instant On – LEDs bulbs instantly turn on to full brightness

• Focused – LEDs provide spot-specific light to your work area without the need for a shade

• Consistent—LED lights dim smoothly, and they don’t yellow or change color when dimmed

When compared to single-source (overhead and/or fluorescent under bin) lighting, LED task lights provide a more functional, comfortable, and healthier lighting solution while helping you to cut down on maintenance and electricity costs. Humanscale has taken task lighting to the next level, with sleek and stylish designs that look great and offer maximum, hassle-free adjustability. Humancale’s new task lighting line features slim and compact profiles, providing a strong, bright and uniform light source without the bulkiness of more traditional bulbs.

Next week, we’ll explore the longevity of LED lighting solutions, and how they can save you time, money, and energy.

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