The Perils of Inactivity

The Perils of Inactivity

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 15th 2013

During a recent webinar concerning the dangers of inactivity, Dr. Marc Hamilton, professor at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University, outlined several solid biological reasons why it is dangerous to sit still for long periods of time. Even though the Human Solution is a wonderful place where we take pride in our ergonomic expertise, there is one fear that haunts our every waking thought, a nagging question that stalks us down the hallways and manifests like some grotesque apparition forcing us to sit slack-jawed in paralyzed horror at all hours of the day:

What if one day we offer a chair that is so comfortable that people just sit in it until they die?

After dozens of frantic meetings and many sleepless nights, we at Human Solution have come to a unanimous conclusion: a chair that comfortable must be balanced with a good sit-stand desk to prevent you from withering away by sitting in it too long.

Dr. Hamilton agrees. In his recent webinar, Inactivity Physiology, Dr. Hamilton highlights the issue that people worldwide are becoming unhealthier as their levels of inactivity rise. This isn't the result of a dearth of exercise. Rather, there is a gene associated with lipid protein uptake which is only activated by inactivity, not exercise. In layman’s terms, if you’re exercising 30 minutes a day and sitting the rest of the time, you’re still at huge risk for conditions like Type II Diabetes and Deep Vein Thrombosis. Even if this hypothetical Chair of Eternal Comfort fits you perfectly, sitting in it too long can be really harmful to your health.

The cure? Spend more time doing low-grade physical activity and less time sitting. Stop worrying about exercise for a minute and take into account how much time you spend relaxing. The good news is you can fix that with a sit-stand desk like the UPLIFT 900.

It's a great option for getting into a standing routine. With a height range that accommodates 95% of the population and programmable height presets, it's easy to use the 900 to get into a routine where standing is the rule and sitting the exception.

When the Chair of Eternal Comfort beckons, you will have the healthy habits necessary to use it in moderation.

Looking to start your own sit-stand routine? Contact us at The Human Solution and any of our experts can help get you into the habit.

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