The THS 2013 Ergo Gift Guide – Ergonomic Gift Ideas for Mac Users

The THS 2013 Ergo Gift Guide – Ergonomic Gift Ideas for Mac Users

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 14th 2013

Welcome to the THS Ergo Gift Guide 2013! Over the next several weeks, we'll be sharing our top ergonomic gift picks, making it easier for you to help everyone on your holiday shopping list work comfortably!

These days, it seems like more and more people are choosing to replace their traditional laptop or desktop PC with a stylish new MacBook Pro or iMac. Every time I visit my family, I'll notice a new Apple PC showing up in someone's room or on their lap. Unfortunately, it'll usually show up without any sort of ergonomic accessories whatsoever. OS X might be exceptionally simple and easy for everyone to use, but ease of use shouldn't be a purely software-based concern. If you know someone who's switching over to Mac without any regard for ergonomics, here are a few neat accessories that are sure to make working on their new computer more comfortable.

Innovative iLift

One of the more common conundrums associated with switching over to an iMac is how to mount it. While the stock stand certainly looks sharp, it lacks adjustability, leaving your gorgeous new Mac display stranded on your desk. What's more, the heavier 27-inch displays frequently weigh too much to mount on a traditional monitor arm...which Mac displays also lack compatibility with.

Enter the Innovative iLift. Designed specifically for use with iMacs and Mac displays, the iLift can support up to 42 lbs, letting you mount both older Mac displays as well as the newer slimline models. A dynamic arm system lets you easily move your iMac around, and an integral cable management system hides any residual cable clutter.

Additionally, note that Mac displays and iMacs do not ship from Apple with VESA compatibility unless specified. If your Mac display lacks a pre-installed VESA adapter, be sure to pick up an UPLIFT iMac VESA Adapter Plate or purchase a model-specific adapter from the Apple Store.

Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard

Another common complaint from Mac users stems from the design of the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It might be aesthetically pleasing thanks to a minimalist design, but the super-thin keys and short key travel just aren't quite ideal for everyone. What's more, typists who are used to applying more force to the keys may be at risk of finger pain from "bottoming out" on the Apply keyboard. For these typists, it might be worth looking to Apple's past for an answer.

The Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard for Mac might look familiar to Mac aficionados, and for good reason - it's modeled after the classic-but-sadly-discontinued Apple Extended Keyboard. Like the keyboard it was inspired by, the Matias Tactile Pro features Alps mechanical keys, which not only give a satisfying audible click when activated, but also provide tactile feedback that lets you know when you can release the key. This subtle change means keystrokes are easier and don't require the key to be fully depressed to register, letting skilled typists type faster with less effort.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Finally, for users of both MacBooks and iMacs, one of our most popular products got a long-awaited upgrade this year that's sure to make your mousing experience less painful. While its predecessors have always been Mac-compatible, the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Right Hand Wireless Bluetooth Mouse VM4RB integrates full Bluetooth compatibility into its classic design, making it easy and convenient to pair with most Apple computers - no "dongle" necessary! Like the other Evoluent Vertical Mouse offerings, the VM4RB utilizes a "handshake" design that reduces pronation in the wrist and minimizes necessary grip strength while mousing. This alleviates, and often outright eliminates, the wrist pain associated with using a traditional mouse such as the Apple Magic Mouse. If there was one item on this list no Mac user should be without, this is it.

Still need more ergonomic gift ideas for this holiday season? Be sure to check in with us next week for the next installment of the THS Ergo Gift Guide 2013!

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