The Via Swopper Chair: Like An Exercise Ball, But Better!

The Via Swopper Chair: Like An Exercise Ball, But Better!

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 13th 2012

One of the most popular ergonomic chairs we have in our Austin showroom is the Via Swopper Chair. The Via Swopper pairs a fun design with dynamic, energizing movement that helps improve your circulation and tone your core muscles.

We recommend the Swopper to anyone looking for an alternative office chair. It’ll keep you moving and active, help improve circulation and combat fatigue while helping you burn more calories while working. Plus it’s comfortable and fun to use.

There’s one question that frequently comes up as customers are happily bouncing away on our Swoppers: “What are the advantages of the Swopper over an exercise ball?”

While exercise balls provide some of the same health benefits provided by the Swopper, namely the strengthening of core muscle groups, the Swopper has a number of additional benefits. For example, exercise balls often have a smooth, slick surface that can be somewhat hard to stay put on, and the spherical design doesn’t allow for one to remain easily seated upright. This increased flexibility may look good on paper – after all, moving more means more calories burned, right? – but it may ultimately impede your productivity as you’re forced to constantly readjust just to maintain a proper typing posture. This isn't an issue with the Swopper, which is designed to keep you comfortable and stable.

Perhaps the greatest issue with using an exercise ball as an office chair, however, is that of safety. As anyone who has ever tried to sit on an exercise ball can tell you, it’s not exactly the most stable seating platform out there, and one can very easily find his or herself falling off of it if they’re not careful. Sadly, exercise balls are simply too unstable to recommend as an office chair.

Fortunately, the Swopper Chair addresses all of these issues and still provides all the health benefits of having a chair with dynamic movement. The fabric-covered “stool” design of the Swopper provides a much more stable base to move on, with a flexible spring that allows for dynamic movement in all directions. This spring can be adjusted for increased or decreased tension, allowing for full control over the amount of “bounce” in the seat. This heavy duty spring also supports up to 250 lbs with ease on a hydraulic lift, meaning it’s not only safer to use than an exercise ball, but it can be adjusted for different heights as well.

The Swopper’s optional back rest also helps to promote better posture, which is a feature exercise ball "chairs" don’t include. The Swopper also comes in several different comfortable fabrics with a wide array of colors, meaning there’s a Swopper to match every office or work space.

If you’ve decided it’s time to swap out your old exercise ball for a Via Swopper, feel free to call any of our ergonomic experts at 800-531-3746, email us, or click here to contact one of our ergonomic experts via live chat. We’ll be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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