Tips To Stay Active In The Office

Tips To Stay Active In The Office

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 24th 2013

Here at Human Solution, we are all about being active. We preach it, we sell it and we live it. Each of us here has a standing desk with a desk treadmill to take advantage of. If I’ve got a phone call I know may be a long one, I can hop up on my treadmill and walk for half a mile in twenty minutes time.

However, we know that we are lucky and not everybody has the benefit of working for such an ergonomic company. While most companies don’t outfit all their employees with a treadmill desk workstation, many companies install a shared treadmill or bike desk station that employees can take turns on.

Still outside of the ergonomic loop? Don’t worry! There are still some tricks to stay active and alert in the office. It feels so much better, both mentally and physically, to combat the sedentary nature of an office job as much as possible and I’ve found that every little bit helps.

Here are a few tried and true tips to stay active in the office:

  • Park your vehicle farther away when you arrive in the morning
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • If you have to print something, send it to a printer farther away
  • Walk over to speak with a colleague in person
  • Take a walking meeting
  • Walk around the office while on a phone call
  • Go on a walk outside during your lunch break
  • Ride a bike to a nearby restaurant for lunch
  • Stand at your desk after lunch if you can. Trust me, you’ll feel much better while you digest that food
  • Stand and stretch in your work area, even (and especially) if you don’t have a standing desk
  • Take ergo breaks!
  • Empty your own trash and recyclables

These are a few that I’ve personally been able to take advantage of. What are some of your favorite ways to stay active in your office? Let us know in the comments!

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