Top 5 Reasons To Use A CPU Holder

Top 5 Reasons To Use A CPU Holder

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 1st 2013

Let’s face it; a CPU holder is not the hottest topic being discussed around the proverbial office water cooler these days. In terms of office ergonomics, CPU holders, cable management and overall organization tend to take a back seat to a well designed chair and an adjustable height desk, but maybe it shouldn’t.

A CPU holder, which allows you to hang your CPU under your desk, is often an overlooked and underrated component to a great sit to stand ergonomic workstation setup. Not convinced? Here are the top 5 reasons to use a CPU holder:

1: Allow your CPU to Travel – This is especially important when using a height adjustable desk. Here at Human Solution, everyone uses a standing desk while working and each of our desks include a CPU holder. We always recommend this to our customers as well when they are purchasing a standing desk. As you can imagine, raising the height of your desktop and monitors can pull the cables that attach them to your computer. A CPU holder is a lifesaver in this application. You don’t want to raise your desk to standing position only to unwittingly unplug your monitor, speakers, etc.

2: Maximize Your Space – Your CPU can be the bulkiest item in your office, but a CPU holder can help keep it at bay and not waste that much needed extra space. Combined with a simple cable management system, you’ll be surprised how much extra space materializes when you don’t have your CPU on top of your desk work surface.

3: Keep Your CPU Close – If you have bad knees or cannot easily bend and crouch on the ground, getting out of your chair and kneeling on the hard floor to reach the back of your computer is not an easy task, and it’s certainly not something you want to do repeatedly throughout the day. Attaching a CPU holder to your desktop allows you to have your CPU within arm’s reach at all times. With a unit like the Humanscale CPU555 CPU Holder, you can stay seated in your chair and easily reach everything you need.

4: Swivel Your CPU Around – One of the most frustrating computing moments can be when you are installing new hardware or need to check installation of cables that plug into the back of your computer. Gone are the days of lifting and turning your heavy CPU around manually, or crawling on your hands and knees with a flashlight to see the mess of wires behind the unit. Many CPU holders are capable of a horizontal glide and able to swivel a full 360 degrees! Don’t get caught doing the cable-crawl again. The Humanscale CPU600 CPU Holder is an affordable unit with these options that we highly recommend.

5: Protect Your CPU! – In addition to the practical applications and benefits of a CPU holder, having one installed on your desk or workstation can actually protect your computer. A CPU that sits on the floor is more susceptible to collecting dust or hair. This is especially true when you are working with carpet. A CPU holder secures your computer to just underneath the desktop, away from the immediate area of floor. Suspending your CPU off the floor also protects it from bumps or spills and allows the fan to work and cool better than sitting on the floor.

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