Treadmill Desks: The Perfect Pre/Post Workout Routine

Treadmill Desks: The Perfect Pre/Post Workout Routine

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 9th 2013

We've been using treadmill desks for some time now at Human Solution, and in addition to the obvious day-to-day benefits, some of us have found even more to love about this luxury we are afforded working for an ergonomic company.

Lately, with the weather already so nice here in Austin, some employees have taken to the streets or trails during their lunch break or right after work and have been going for a run. Because of this, we have found that our treadmill desks serve as the perfect pre- and post-outdoor run activity. We're always told to stretch before running, right? With the treadmill desks that we have, it’s easy to step up and stretch your legs with a quick and steady walk before a run to warm up.

In an hour’s time, at my weight and walking at 2 MPH, I can burn 200 calories and take 5200 steps over the course of those 2 miles. It's such a great method to stretch your legs before and after physical activity. In my experience, it helps to reduce the risk of cramping and straining muscles, and I don’t have to stand around and stretch my cold muscles before a big outdoor run. No more counting to ten over and over trying to hold awkward stretches to loosen up. I’m just ready to take off running!

For those who run during their lunch break, the treadmill is a great method for cool-downs. This really helps to reduce the risk of sore legs the next day. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Walking on my treadmill while working has become second nature. Whether I'm planning to work out after quittin' time, or if I just got done with a quick run during lunch, I'm always killing two birds with one stone. My treadmill desk has really helped to motivate me to work out and run more often, now that I can get some exercise done during work.

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