Have a Peek at Our Teak! The UPLIFT Desk Reclaimed Teak Desktop and Credenza

Have a Peek at Our Teak! The UPLIFT Desk Reclaimed Teak Desktop and Credenza

Posted by Tyler R on Jul 28th 2016

Minimalist desk designs are all the rage lately it seems and UPLIFT Desk, being on the edge of design and innovation, sports this aesthetic better than most. However, the downside to minimalist designs is that they are, well, minimal which leaves very little space for storage. We’ve come up with several options over the years including our Half Circle Desk Drawer, Two-Drawer Mobile Pedestal, and UPLIFT Modern Artisan Desk Credenza. All of these are fantastic in their own way, but now we have a storage option that’s beautiful, functional, and affordable.

The UPLIFT Teak Credenza is exactly what it sounds like. A credenza made of reclaimed teak wood, which is considered by many as one of the most beautiful wood species as well as one of the most durable. I can attest to the beauty. The one sitting in the showroom at the time of this writing really sets off the place. Look anywhere in our retail space, and your eyes will be drawn to it. The color is vibrant, it has the look and feel of harvested wood, and it's sold at a much more affordable price. In terms of durability, teak is considered a hardwood that is resistant to scratching. The wood even contains natural oils that give it some resistance to pests such as termites.

Stylistically, the UPLIFT Teak Credenza has a modern aesthetic. It features 3 spacious cabinets as well as three drawers. It matches a variety of wood styles and colors, and it's a perfect option for matching the UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Desk, which is available in teak as well as Douglas fir. You can even get it with the UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Desk at a discount!

With its gorgeous color, design, and longevity, the UPLIFT Teak Credenza is essentially an art piece as well as a storage space. You’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come, and when you have ceased to live, your family members will likely be fighting over this little (or not so little) heirloom. As always, if you have questions regarding our new teak credenzas or Reclaimed Wood Desks feel free to call us at 1-800-531-3746.

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