Video: Even Tigers Are Using Treadmill Desks!

Video: Even Tigers Are Using Treadmill Desks!

Posted by Will M on Jun 6th 2013

... Missouri Tigers, that is. Nutrition and exercise specialists at the University of Missouri's College of Human Environmental Sciences have begun adding treadmill desks to their workstations in an effort to become living embodiments of the research they've been referencing that shows the positive effects of walking at work. In the video above, you can see them in action and listen as they go over all the same stats and reasons we here at Human Solution focus on as well, including high calorie burn, weight loss, improved focus and decreased health care costs.

Of course, I do disagree with one number they reference -- the expense of a treadmill desk. While they suggest a standing desk as an affordable alternative, Human Solution carries several fully height adjustable treadmill desks with full sit-to-stand capabilities well below the $3,000 they reference as the commercial cost of a sit-to-stand treadmill desk. The numbers when it comes to the statistical benefits of walking while you work, however, can't be denied.

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