Video: Knoll Generation Review

Video: Knoll Generation Review

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 27th 2013

The Knoll Generation Chair is no boring office chair. It has a cool modern look, and a really interesting ergonomic structure. It features a flexible lumbar support system so you can fidget and even turn around while in your chair.

Do you like sitting sometimes so that the back of the chair is against your chest, sort of like a rebel? The Knoll Generation Chair lets you rebel-away, without damaging the chair or potentially yourself! The back is made of a high performance elastomer, so you can literally bend it, and move in ways so that you are not confined by the chair. This is such a cool and unique design perk, and it makes this chair highly ergonomic.

The Knoll Generation Chair moves and bends in ways that may be difficult to see in a 2-dimensional photo. Luckily, my coworker, Shannon, was nice enough to film a video demo of this chair, so our customers can view how it moves in real time. Stream the video above to check it out!

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