Video Review: Raynor Eurotech Evo Chair

Video Review: Raynor Eurotech Evo Chair

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 16th 2013

It's not always easy to find a functional task chair at a price that won't break the bank. Many chairs have a big price tag attached to the added number of adjustments it offers for ergonomic sitting.

Luckily, the Raynor Eurotech Evo Chair has recently entered the scene, and it's a handy little office chair that offers an impressive number of adjustments: adjustable arms, seat tilt and angle, back angle and depth, seat glide, and seat slider capabilities. You can opt to keep this an armless chair by not installing those at the point of assembly when you receive the chair, or you can have really mobile adjustable arms.

With a few fun color choices to customize this chair, it can offer a cool aesthetic to a workspace or conference room (which we have actually done here at THS - our conference room offers these chairs for our many meetings!)

Check out our new video review of the Raynor Eurotech Evo Chair for more information and to see it in action!

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