Video: UPLIFT 975 Electric Sit-Stand Pedestal Desk Review

Video: UPLIFT 975 Electric Sit-Stand Pedestal Desk Review

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 19th 2013

How do you feel about your workspace. Would you say that it's ergonomic? Does that question give you a sense of dread, because you feel your space is too small for a new desk or your budget really doesn't allow a whole new set-up? Those are common fears to have!

We have many customers who feel overwhelmed by this process and don't believe that there is a solution that can encompass spatial and budgetary restrictions. And of course, right now, adjustable height standing desks are all the rage, so one might think the demand is high, therefore the price must be as well.

Luckily, our popular UPLIFT 900 desk series includes a pedestal model that is reasonably priced, sturdy and compact. The UPLIFT 975 Electric Sit-Stand Pedestal Desk offers significant weight capacity (165 lb) and discounted add-on accessories that will help save desktop space and foster the ergonomic atmosphere you might be looking for (CPU holder, monitor arm, standing desk mat and more!). Casters are also available with this desk, so you can opt for a mobile workspace.

Just need to see it in action? Check out the video review above that my coworker Shannon made, outlining all the great ergonomic perks of this desk!

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