Where Can You Find 'Mad Men' Style Furniture? Right Here!

Where Can You Find 'Mad Men' Style Furniture? Right Here!

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 27th 2012

I’m a fan of Mad Men, but I haven’t seen any episodes of the new season yet. I don’t have cable. I will wait until all of the episodes have aired and the set has been released on DVD. There are many TV show bingers like me, those of us who just can’t stand to be left hanging for an entire week until the next one airs. It’s easier to divest yourself than invest yourself. On the other hand, there are numerous drawbacks to this system. You don’t have the natural one-week interval for reflecting on what is going on in the series. 

Also, when you are a year behind in a show you cannot make it the subject of casual conversation. You can’t go to someone at a party and say, “How about that show Mad Men?” Because if the person does watch Mad Men, he or she will most likely want to talk about the current season, which is only natural but precisely what you don’t want to talk about. You open yourself to the possibility of spoilers. You will have to change the subject. You will have to tell the person to whom you haphazardly suggested this as a social possibility, “No, I now withdraw this as a proposed topic of conversation,” and this reflects poorly on you as a conversationalist. You must be timely. You must be relevant. Don Draper taught me that. So in the interest of staying somehow relevant to this furniture blog, I would like to get to the point. I would wager that the reason most people began watching the show in the first place, before the taut dramatic structure sucked them in, is the same reason I began. That is the unique aesthetic that piqued our curiosity: the 1960s setting, vibrant colors, men in hats, elegant yet playful mid-century design. And for those who are fans of that look, Human Solution is now proud to offer many of the classic furnishings from Knoll’s catalog, the famous design firm of many iconic objects of the lounge movement of the 1960s, as seen in many episodes of Mad Men.

Yes, here is one spoiler that we are okay with revealing: if you want to make your home or office look like the floor of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, check out our extensive line of Knoll Lounge furniture. Knoll was founded in the early 20th century. The firm’s eye-catching pieces were designed by some of the world’s most influential architects, designers and sculptors. These creations were inspired by themes as disparate as the frame of a bicycle across the street in rain-soaked Dresden and the tubular iron rockers of mid-19th century Europe. Playful and inventive, ultra-modern yet timeless, Knoll furniture makes a statement in the home, office, reception area, school or museum.

Check out more shots of classic Mad Men-ish Knoll furniture below and visit our Knoll section for more:

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