Which LifeSpan Desk Treadmill Is Right for You?

Which LifeSpan Desk Treadmill Is Right for You?

Posted by Will M on Sep 25th 2014

Hey there! I’ll just assume if you’re reading this, you already know that a LifeSpan Desk Treadmill is right for you. (Short version – if you are someone who works and sits at a desk all day, a LifeSpan Desk Treadmill is right for you). But on to the titular question: which of their three flagship stand-alone models best suits your needs? We offer all three as part of our popular UpLift Treadmill Desk, so it’s a question we get a lot. Here is a quick overview of each model, along with the applications they fit the best.

TR800 – This is the standard model that tends to work for most people. In fact, we here at Human Solution each have one at our desk! And we’re totes normal. It’s the one with the smallest footprint, so it will work for almost anyone with the space for a treadmill under a standing or sit-stand height-adjustable desk.

The main thing that sets this one apart is that it is rated for three hours of use per day. I know what you’re saying now. “I’m going to walk way more than that in a day!” First off, I can’t hear you, weirdo. No need to shout. Second, no, you’re probably not. More power to ya if you do, but, for most people, three hours a day is plenty.

A healthy combination of sitting, standing and walking throughout the day is preferable. But, of course, anything is better than sitting all day! However, if you’re absolutely positive you’re going to be a one-person walking machine (or more than one person will be using your treadmill), we have a solution for you…

TR1200 – This one’s a heavier duty model that’s meant for all 6-8 hour use, perfect for a regular work day. It’s also a little bigger, a little heavier, and has a slightly bigger weight capacity. If you’re one of those go getters that are going to walk all day long, or you’re setting up a walking workstation for multiple employees to use throughout the day, this one’s for you.

But maybe that’s not enough. Maybe you need something rated for up to 400 lbs, or maybe you and an army of work walkers have pooled your money together and you need the biggest, baddest workstation treadmill out there for continuous, all-day use. Look no further…

TR5000 – This is LifeSpan’s top-of-the-line, commercial-grade treadmill. To give you some perspective on its awesomeness, Robert Patrick’s cyborg assassin from Terminator 2: Judgment Day was a T-1000. So multiply that times five! And, er, add an “R”. It may not be a liquid metal killing machine (yet), but it does have a heavy duty 3 HP motor, an upgraded 2.5 mm thick belt, and a deck suspension system featuring six variable density elastomers. This beast is built to last, holding up to all-day, multi-user application.

So hopefully this clears things up a bit. Of course, no matter which treadmill you get, you’re getting all the great features of a LifeSpan Desk Treadmill. This includes a trial membership in the LifeSpan Fitness Club, letting you record and track goals. So whether you’re getting a TR800 for personal use to walk a couple of miles a day and track your progress, or a TR5000 for the entire office to battle it out for who can walk the furthest, the LifeSpan Treadmill is the perfect fit.

To learn more about which LifeSpan treadmill will work best for you and your needs, visit TheHumanSolution.com

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