Why Should I Get a Keyboard Tray?

Why Should I Get a Keyboard Tray?

Posted by Pete A on Apr 21st 2015

Keyboard trays have become quite the popular accessory for those transitioning into a more ergonomic environment. For people unfamiliar with the benefits, it may seem like an unnecessary or frivolous add-on. But keyboard trays can be the perfect solution for a multitude of repetitive stress issues, even issues that don't seem like they would be associated with a keyboard tray. For instance, we frequently hear from customers with shoulder and neck pain. Usually they think it's connected to the chair they are using but, in fact, it's often the position of their arms while typing. While a good ergonomic chair's benefits are proven, it is not always the main source of discomfort or pain. Here are some great reasons why you should consider a keyboard tray before dropping serious money on a premium chair.

1. Not every desk is created equal. Most people are used to typing with their keyboard flat on the desk. The problem is that desks are not always the correct height for your body profile. This means your hands may be too high or too low, and typing like this for long hours can really do a number on your hands and wrists. A good keyboard tray will be height adjustable, and have the option to be raised a couple inches above the desk, or lowered below it. To find the perfect typing height, you need to have your elbows at about a 90 degree angle.

2. Tilt features rock. A good keyboard tray like the UPLIFT large and switch will feature a tray tilt option. This means you can negatively tilt the back end of the tray to achieve the most ergonomic typing position, and for many it will relieve the pressure they may be currently feeling in their wrists.

3. Stop over-reaching! A lot of shoulder and neck pain can be associated to over-reaching to your desktop when typing. While we may start the day sitting up straight and close to the desk, over time we tend to slouch and lean farther back into our chairs. This causes us to reach forward to type on the desktop, putting pressure on our joints. With a keyboard tray you will be able to always have the keyboard in your lap, eliminating the need to over-reach.

4. Create more desk space. Having a tray that can slide underneath the desk when not in use will free up some much needed desktop space for writing or reading documents. This also gives your workstation a cleaner look, with wires from the mouse and keyboard being routed underneath the desk.

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