You Don't Have To Be Hardcore: The Benefits of Moderate Exercise

You Don't Have To Be Hardcore: The Benefits of Moderate Exercise

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 5th 2013

I am an all-or-nothing personality type and a typical Texan; go big or go home! But when it comes to wellness and exercise, the philosophy of all-or-nothing isn't always the most effective path to success. Practicing constant high-intensity work outs might lead to burn-out and injury. Take a more holistic approach and incorporate a variety of intensity levels to sustain an active lifestyle.

Integrating moderate exercise activities into your overall work out regime is recommended by many experts. For instance, this article from LIVESTRONG provides several examples of exercise in moderation. Moderate intensity exercise is defined by slightly elevated breathing rates (like taking a stroll) but the difficulty level should not hinder your ability to talk. For example, yoga, recreational swimming, walking, and household chores are all activities that give your body a moderate work out.

Here is why you should consider integrating moderate exercise into your routine:

1. It can help your body process insulin and lower blood sugar levels.

2. It can improve sleep quality and your ability to fall asleep. It's also a great way to wake you up in the middle of a groggy day.

3. It can help curb overeating. Sometimes, taking a quick walk or doing a few stretches can disrupt cravings for unnecessary snacking.

4. Balancing your workout routines with integrated moderate exercise can actually boost the quality of high-intensity work outs. You'll be better rested and less strained. Also, the pressure will be off to have every work out reach high intensity levels, which may make exercising more enjoyable and varied.

5. You'll reduce the risk of injury by adding balance to your routine. It will also help muscles recover from days you really challenge yourself.

6. You'll increase your life span! Recent research has indicated that runners who integrated slower paced jogs into their weekly routines had longer life spans than sedentary people and intense athletes.

And speaking of Lifespan, I have to take a moment to celebrate an amazing perk of working for HS. Recently, all employees were given treadmill desks, and I've set the goal for myself to walk between 3-6 miles a day while at work. I am used to working out cross-fit style, and I am new to the habit of integrating moderate workouts into my routine. I'm looking forward to seeing how moderate exercise improves my overall quality of life, and I already love the energy boost I get from working and walking throughout the day. To be able to get up and walk while I write an email feels absolutely liberating, and I love watching the miles and calories slowly rack up as I put my treadmill to good use. If you have the opportunity to integrate this into your workspace, I highly recommend it!

Regardless of whether you're able to integrate a treadmill desk into your life, you can integrate moderate exercise. Hopefully some of these health benefits will be enough incentive for you!

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