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Conset Standing Desks

Conset Desks made by Conset America affordable standing desks, made for people of all heights and fitness levels. Enjoy the many benefits of using a sit-stand desk, such as increased calorie burn, improved circulation and improved cogitation and alertness, at a great price. These standing desks, or "sit-stand" desks, raise and lower from sitting to standing height by electric motor with the push of a button. Within seconds, the desk height will range from that which accommodates normal office chairs to that which accommodates even the tallest users while standing.

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The benefits of standing desks are numerous and valuable, and until recently, difficult to achieve for a variety of reasons. Conset Standing Desks make it easier than ever for people to bring a sit-stand desk into their home. The cost is economical and the assembly is simple. Check out our blog entries below for more details on the health benefits of using a Conset Standing Desk.