Making the Most of Your Standing Desk: Essential But Overlooked Workstation Accessories

Making the Most of Your Standing Desk: Essential But Overlooked Workstation Accessories

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 30th 2012

If you have made the wise decision to upgrade from your regular, static, sit-only workstation to an adjustable height standing desk, which allows you to stand while you work, then you have probably also looked into a few essential workstation accessories, like a monitor arm and keyboard tray. You may have even considered upgrading to a walking workstation by adding a treadmill, but what else do you need for your setup to be complete?

An adjustable height desk is definitely the way to go these days. We all use them here at Human Solution, and having the ability to change positions throughout the day truly does help me stay focused and more energetic while working. Not to mention the health benefits due to improved circulation and an increase in the number of calories burned throughout the day.

If there is one thing our standing desks don’t have; however, it’s storage. Hopefully, with it being the digital age, and with our increased awareness of our impact on the environment, we aren’t getting bogged down with stacks of files and paperwork anymore. That being said, our half-circle desk drawer will at least let you put away some of your smaller office supplies such as post-it notes, pens, and pencils .

Another often overlooked but important item for an adjustable height desk is the CPU Holder. Actually, the CPU holder is an important accessory for any workstation, adjustable-height or not. If you’re keeping your computer tower on the floor, it can easily accumulate dust, and a lack of ventilation can cause damaging effects due to overheating. And if it’s sitting on top of your desk, it’s taking up valuable space that you could be using to be productive, not to mention that fact that if you need to access a cable or port on the back of it, you probably have a difficult time reaching it. The easy solution is to mount the CPU to the underside of your desktop, where it will be out of the way but easily accessible, whether you are sitting or standing. Some of our most popular CPU holders, like the Humanscale CPU600 or the slightly heavier duty CPU555 allow your tower to slide forward and back on a track as well as swivel 360 degrees.

Finally, just because you are going to get healthier by standing while you work, doesn’t mean you have to put up with sore, achy feet. Chances are you have put some thought into finding a chair with an appropriate level of padding that keeps you comfortable while you work, but now that you will be standing part of the time, you can extend the same courtesy to your feet. We have an array of anti-fatigue mats to choose from. They can be ordered in different sizes, shapes, colors and thicknesses, even custom sizes. We now offer the UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk mat, which pairs perfectly with a standing desk at 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep, and it will ship quickly, usually the next business day.

If you are considering upgrading your workstation and standing while you work, give us a call to talk about all the options and accessories available to make your standing workstation complete and customized to your needs.

You can reach us toll free (800-531-3746) or send us an e-mail, or even live chat with one of our experts. We are happy answer any questions you have, or make suggestions for your perfect workstation.

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