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Crank or Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desks

Personalize the work space to fit the user with a height adjustable desk. The desks in this section are all manually adjustable. If you're looking to change heights often throughout the day for sit/stand use, be sure to check out our electric desks.

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Humanscale Float Table

Humanscale Float Table Base

Steelcase Airtouch Height Adjustable Desk

Focal Locus Standing Desk

Focal Locus Workstation Bundle - Standing Desk with Seat

Sis Move! Spring Height Adjustable Desk - Rectangle

Sis Move! Spring Height Adjustable Desk - 120° Corner

Sis Move! Spring Height Adjustable Desk - 90° Corner

Balt Ergo E.Eazy Adjustable Workstation 82493

While we prefer electric standing desks above all others, Pneumatic and Crank Height Adjustable Desks are a great option if your desk isn't near an electrical outlet, yet you still want all of the health and energy level benefits that come with a sit-to-stand desk. Out of these manual options, a pneumatic desk like the the Humanscale Float Table will give you the easiest sit-to-stand adjustment. A crank desk takes much more effort than pneumatic desks to adjust, which means you'll end up adjusting your desk less throughout the day, and adjusting your desk often is the point of the desk in the first place!

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